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Skin Diving Field Trip! 


No pictures for this huhuhu I really need a camera. :( Pero legit, I really needed this break! 10000 shades darker, especially my back ‘cause I don’t have a rash guard and I didn’t put sunblock on my back so… HELLO TAN LINE. Also, I lost time for studying for the biochem exam today (which was nakaka-kinase (Francisco, 2014)) but it was definitely worth it!

The resort’s super nice! And the corals and fishes and the marine scenery is definitely beautiful!! And Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia were also scuba diving there HAHA And the people were great, especially my buddy: Hasmin! So yes, I really needed that break away from the city stress especially after my nervous breakdown.

Marine Biology 5ever. <3

Drastic Changes. 

Ibang level ang pagbabago ng mood sa ABM! From Chamber 38’s Induction Ball to Kommbat to Elections. Emil posted the official list of nominees and sobrang kinabahan ako bigla. Even more when I read the tweets. Sobrang kabado ko to the point na I had a nervous breakdown and I think it’s my first pa. Basta, indescribable feeling talaga. :( I’ve never stepped up like this before so I’m really really nervous. Thoughts like “Am I ready?” or “Kaya ko ba? ‘Di ata.” or whatnot all came at the same time and I started crying and …I really want this. I really do. And I guess that’s why I got even more nervous ‘cause it doesn’t mean I want it, the rest of ABM wants it too. Sobrang nerve-racking lang talaga whenever I think about what ABM could possibly think na negative and… :(

During the past year, I know I’ve changed a lot. Sana I got more courage lang. :(

Et cetera. 

I’ve been quite busy for the past weeks so I wasn’t able to update this. :( But swear, I’ll try to make it to a point to post at least once a week! This ‘blog’ is sort of my way of reminding/telling myself that life’s great. :)

Anyway, Bea gave me a planner and I’ll also try to use it for the rest of the year! (Unlike my first UP planner na 1 month ko lang nagamit…) Other than school-related stuff or whatever activity, I also write some of what made me happy on a particular day. So feeling ko kaya I don’t get to update this as much is ‘cause of the planner…. that or I’m just making some lame excuse HAHA. Anyway, informal blog naman ito eh so whatever.

After this post and the next 2 posts, I think this blog is up to date! Incomplete but I think it covered most of what happened to me during the past month. :)


Sabi niya, this never failed. During a party, he would whisper in French to a girl’s ear, “You look beautiful. Will you go out with me tonight?” He did that to me and… Uhm, I’m a girl too okay HAHAHAHAHA


Since Paolo bought a deck for the tambs, I now have many more Uno memories! This time, with ABM naman. Sobrang daming funny memories pero I guess my favorite one would be this game:

Acads was having a fundraiser (red velvet crinkles with cream cheese sale) for the trip to Marinduque with 116 for the collection of invertebrates for the invertebrate museum. Anyway, we were playing uno (Jabie, Paolo, Yami, Michael, Darwin, Rexan ++++ huhuhu sobrang sad I don’t remember everyone na pero basta we were a lot like 10 siguro haha. Anyway for the next round, sabi namin kay Jabie na manlibre siya tapos sabi siya, lilibre niya raw ang manalo! Tapos siyempre sobrang intense ng game pero he ended up winning so void so we played another round na even more intense!! As in tulungan talaga para ‘di manalo ang next person (so puro +2 or +4 cards HAHAHA) or basta grabe!! THE CRINKLES WERE TO DIE FOR OKAY GANUN KASARAP HAHAHAHAHAHA Plus, intense naman talaga kasi ang Uno HAHAHA No friendship, swear!! Except when last card na ang isang person so may friendship formation HAHAHAHA Anyway, after more than an hour of one round, Michael won huhu (One hour ang game pero ‘di humina ang sigaw namin…. I love ABM swear HAHAHA <3)

Proof of intensity: we were at the tambs and from taga (the green stall in front of pav), according to jason & rochelle, rinig na rinig & distinguishable daw ang sigaw namin HAHAHAHA