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Days-before-classes-resume series: Early mornings & Manila adventures 


Kenneth, Raffy, and I had breakfast at KFC because of the super affordable breakfast buffet! Afterwards, Raffy and I went to MOA to get my eye check-up in EO, and then to an lrt station (I forgot the name) so that we could meet Dhom. We then went to Paterno Street, Quiapo so that I could buy cheap glasses!

  • I know we’ll go down before the stoplight along Mindanao ave. but the jeep never stopped and I only realized we went past KFC when we were in the cor. Tandang Sora Extension HAHAHA
  • word search without the list of words: H A R D
  • Breakfast foods >
  • on second thought, except for dessert HAHA
  • Figure skaters are a m a z i n g
  • And young boys learning how to play hockey are a d o r a b l e
  • Manila heat <
  • But people are friendly, especially the ones in the optical shop that we went to! We even chilled there till I got my glasses which was a n hour wait haha
  • You don’t always have to go forward; sometimes, you have to go back. (Lesson learned ‘cause we sort of got lost before we got to Paterno Street HAHA)

U P D A T E S 

Funny how I’m actually on a 4 month break (well, I had summer classes for a while but my classes were quite chill so yeah) but still, I wasn’t able to update this blog. Actually, it’s more of sad. :(

Anyway, life’s pretty swell and I’ve done a lot of things that make me happy: quality time with family, more time with ABM and college friends, catching up with high school friends (yearbook launch, dwarfs overnight, maginhawa adventures, etc.), reading books (sadly puro ebooks ‘cause no allowance this break huhu but at least I still got to read wonderful novels, nonetheless), watching movies & series, watch world cup, eating, and more eating.

I’ve also done a couple of new things for the past months:
1. go scuba diving
2. cosplay for a class and take a picture with the class at the AS steps and everyone was in their costumes (everyone as in even our professor)
3. drank in class (badass professor)
4. realized a lot of new things on how society works: I learned a lot in socio 10, a lot as in it was even more than everything I’ve ever learned in all of the GE classes that I’ve ever taken
5. go window shopping with friends: the new thing was that we even went to an appliance center HAHAHA playing with the cool tv was so sabaw and we also checked some underwear and Joma saw us and it was a really hilarious moment especially since the guys were checking out the briefs and I was the only girl
6. sang my heart out in karaoke that I was so paos the next day and even two days after
7. play catch the dragon’s foot in the pool and remo was literally just dragging me and yami HAHA like our feet didn’t even touch the bottom of the pool ‘cause everything was so intense and we were winning and remo was pretty much a great “foot” in our team
8. take a bath at a breathtaking shower area: I really have to include this because the place is really beautiful!
9. apply for a tutorial job
10. have impromptu “GAs” with betajam. we had to meet every other 10 minutes or so for a lot of reasons and ‘cause we couldn’t get enough of each other after being separated for semesters
and a lot more!

I’ll try to post at least once a week from now on, promise! It’s mostly for myself ‘cause I’m a really forgetful person so this blog is pretty much vital for my future (for reminiscing mostly haha).

Skin Diving Field Trip! 


No pictures for this huhuhu I really need a camera. :( Pero legit, I really needed this break! 10000 shades darker, especially my back ‘cause I don’t have a rash guard and I didn’t put sunblock on my back so… HELLO TAN LINE. Also, I lost time for studying for the biochem exam today (which was nakaka-kinase (Francisco, 2014)) but it was definitely worth it!

The resort’s super nice! And the corals and fishes and the marine scenery is definitely beautiful!! And Billy Crawford and Coleen Garcia were also scuba diving there HAHA And the people were great, especially my buddy: Hasmin! So yes, I really needed that break away from the city stress especially after my nervous breakdown.

Marine Biology 5ever. <3

Drastic Changes. 

Ibang level ang pagbabago ng mood sa ABM! From Chamber 38’s Induction Ball to Kommbat to Elections. Emil posted the official list of nominees and sobrang kinabahan ako bigla. Even more when I read the tweets. Sobrang kabado ko to the point na I had a nervous breakdown and I think it’s my first pa. Basta, indescribable feeling talaga. :( I’ve never stepped up like this before so I’m really really nervous. Thoughts like “Am I ready?” or “Kaya ko ba? ‘Di ata.” or whatnot all came at the same time and I started crying and …I really want this. I really do. And I guess that’s why I got even more nervous ‘cause it doesn’t mean I want it, the rest of ABM wants it too. Sobrang nerve-racking lang talaga whenever I think about what ABM could possibly think na negative and… :(

During the past year, I know I’ve changed a lot. Sana I got more courage lang. :(

Et cetera. 

I’ve been quite busy for the past weeks so I wasn’t able to update this. :( But swear, I’ll try to make it to a point to post at least once a week! This ‘blog’ is sort of my way of reminding/telling myself that life’s great. :)

Anyway, Bea gave me a planner and I’ll also try to use it for the rest of the year! (Unlike my first UP planner na 1 month ko lang nagamit…) Other than school-related stuff or whatever activity, I also write some of what made me happy on a particular day. So feeling ko kaya I don’t get to update this as much is ‘cause of the planner…. that or I’m just making some lame excuse HAHA. Anyway, informal blog naman ito eh so whatever.

After this post and the next 2 posts, I think this blog is up to date! Incomplete but I think it covered most of what happened to me during the past month. :)